Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yeah. Its still there buddy.

OK, another one of my fetishes revealed today.. guys in Calvin Klein underwear. Oh yeah there's so many brands out there that capture the attention, most particularly Andrew Christian products, but call me old fashion. I like my Calvin's. Although I confess I'm not feelin' the briefs. If you gonna wear something sexy, make sure it's sexy. Briefs are not sexy to me. At least not on most fellas.

What's your favorite pair of underwear? Does it really matter? They're just gonna come off anyway for the hot lovemaking, right? LOL


Roger Poladopoulos said...

If I HAVE to wear underwear, I prefer boxers. But I'm out of them as fast as I put them on! LOL!

Ian said...

Oh my Roger. I don't yours truly could freeball. Well I could, but I'm not all that fond of it. Things to change perhaps.


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