Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Vanilla

Tonight's posting is just going to bare bones. I'm not in a creative mood, mainly because I've been up since 4 AM this morning and my brain is ready to turn to mush. A few quick points.

-I talked to Linus several times today with interesting results. I will have to blog about this when I have the proper frame of consciousness. There are some interesting developments.

-Napoleon is at his new digs and is settling in. I also talked to him tonight. Given the discussion with Linus today, there are also new developments. Ugh! I feel move moves on this chess board have been faulty....Rook takes Queen, indeed.

-Idol was definitely a nail-biter tonight. I had myself all worked up into a frenzy, just knowing LaKeisha was going home tonight. I was very relieved when I heard Sanjaya's name. I felt bad then because he cried and showed some tenderness reminding he still is just a boy in this harsh, cruel, man's world. Ease up America, weren't we all a little mischievous in our youth? He's gotten such a bad rap.

-The Neville factor is coming! The Neville factor is coming! The Neville factor is coming! Beware of strange men with bad haircuts and poor posture...hey wait a minute?!?! OK, just checking....

More tomorrow for now I need to put my black arse in the bed!

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