Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life Is Tender

Life is tender and precious, I'm learning to believe that.

For those who have questioned, no this isn't my cat, but this cat does look like a combination of my "Orangies." Like myself, my cats value their anonymity on the blog, so "Leiby-cat" and "Wolfie-cat" won't show up on these posts. Or perhaps they might. Only the people who know them will know for sure. For the rest of you, enjoy the tenderness the images represent. I have a close both with both of my pets. They teach me about love and companionship between master and pet.

The same bond can be experience if you're a dog owner, I just have cats is all. Yeah I know, the queer stereotype all gay men have cats. Well remember I'm also African-American and most Black family have dogs and despise cats. I break the mold!


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Lady Miss T said...

Who is this? It is noy Avy or Syresh.


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