Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No Way! American Idol Final 9 Result Show

AAAAAAGH! WTF!?! Why is Gina going home????? Tonight's Idol seemed totally manipulated. First of all, who couldn't tell by how they grouped the contestants which group was the bottom three. I suspected and was proven right Sanjaya wasn't going home. There was no way Melinda's group was saying goodbye, so it left Haley and company as the bottom of the heap.

Needless to say when Phil was sent back to the seating area, I felt fairly confident Haley would be leaving. Never would I have guessed Gina would be sent packing. I hate Haley. That no talented bitch! The only reason she's still around is because of what Simon said, she does have nice legs. Did anyone catch her little smirk as Gina sang? Grrr, it was the pinnacle of annoying American Idol result shows. Gina was different. She had her own style and I enjoyed her performances. Did I think she'd win? No, but I thought for sure she'd be around for a few more weeks.

Is Idol a big joke after all?

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