Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol: Finally Getting it Right

The results are in and Haley gets the boot! Thank you America for finally getting it right this week on Idol.

Latin music is not my favorite genre so this week's renditions didn't do much for me. I despise J-Lo with a passion. Oh sure, she doesn't want to be called "J-LO" any more because she's developing into a mature artist and wants to come off more sophisticated. Um right hooch, just like I can ask the magic Hetero Fairy (an oxymoron, indeed, perhaps elf would be better?) to wave his wand and make me 100% heterosexual.

"OK, one, TWO, THREE! Now go be straight, date, and mate!" Uh-huh. I see that happening, sure, right, it could happen. The problem with J-Lo is she is incredibly full of herself. I dunno, she irritates me.

The performances were tepid and dull this week. No one left me with the "wow factor" Tuesday Night. I can't think of a single contestant who impressed me. Sure I like Melinda, Jordin, and Lakiesha, but nobody had the pizazz or synergy to bring down the house, not even Melinda. I was convinced there was going to be a major upset tonight and either Lakiesha or Melinda was going home. Fortunately, silly ass Haley got her walking papers. I'm grateful for it finally happening, but should've happen last week!.

Ah last, poor Sanjaya. The boy is taking a beating every where he turns. Ryan displayed too much pleasure in having Sanjaya stand, sit, stand sit, stand. If anything, it only reassured me he wasn't going to be in the bottom. Is this what its come too? Make a mockery of this unfortunate limited talent child?

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed his performance. He was well controlled, smooth, and had sultriness. Sanjaya seems to be maturing; perhaps he's more a crooner than a stage performing singer? More reminiscent of a Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis, maybe? He's not in the same league as those men, but maybe with time, practice and the right mentor? Maybe. Perhaps Michael Buble can pull Sanjaya under his wing and give the boy some pointers.

My only complaint about Sanjaya this week was the weak pencil thin mustache. Was that drawn on? Seriously???

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