Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is There A Place In Heaven For me?

Recently doing to commute home from work I was listening to the radio discussing the plight of the African American community in Pennsylvania and across the country. The discussion talked about how there needs to be more unity amongst the religions in the our community. My interested was piqued when they mention how Minister Louis Farrakhan was enlisted to speak locally. I cringed after that and the argument washed away from my ears. I have nothing against the Nation of Islam, but when it comes to organized religion and the view on homosexuality, I turn a cold shoulder. Most religions feels gays are going to Hell.

I spent years attempting to reconcile my faith with my sexuality and STILL am coming to terms with it. It's difficult when you wer told predominantly throughout life your life has no value because of who you're attracted to. There are some Christian denominations that practice "Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner," yet even these denominations tend to cast judgment on same gender loving persons. At times, I've felt like a second class citizen and wonder, what does God really think? Oh sure people will cite the Bible and point out scripture after scripture allegedly condemning homosexual conduct. I believe in the Bible and what it has to say, but where I stop listening is when people quote the Bible incorrectly to assert their own cause.

I was raised in a church that taught scripture must be compare upon itself. Meaning, you don't read one passage of the Bible and hold on to it a the exact picture. The Bible has so many hidden meanings that you MUST read it carefully to understand its meaning and even then I think some of it depends on a matter of person interpretation. People who read the Bible straight through without understanding a word of it are useless. I once read the Bhagavad Gita for as philosophy class and I didn't understand a word of it. Did that make me an expert to wax divine the Hindu word of their faith. Hells no!

There is a piece of scripture that gives me comfort.

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."
-Jeremiah 1:5

If God allegedly hates same gender loving people, why would He, who knew how we would turn out to be, create us? Why would God allow us to become the individuals we are if He did not love us and care for us? I know people talk about free will and Satan, but I honestly don't believe God would create someone who could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It's the perpetual dangling the carrot in front of the mule that never achieves eating it. God is perfect in His Being and Perfection does not create mistakes. Modern Christian denominations would have you believe homosexuality is a mistake.

I fail to understand people who teach that Christ and God are love, yet preach hate destruction against gays and lesbians. I most passages pertaining to homosexuality deal with a moral code that was in place under the Jewish Law in the Old Testament. God never gave heterosexuals the license to run amok and be amoral. I realize he intended the same thing for same sex couples. Sure homosexual sex does not procreate, which many justify against homosexuality; God said to be fruitful and multiply. OK, sure He did. But then by definition, what does this mean for heterosexuals who are incapable of have children? Are they sinners??? No, this will lead into why I think the LGBT community has the God given right to marry and also adopt children. Heterosexual couples who cannot naturally reproduce adopt, right? Why couldn't a gay or lesbian couple?

Most recently I found an interesting website that backs up most of my point I'm attempting to explain. Go here and check out what it has to say. I don't entirely agree with everything, but it does lend credence that my life has value to the Creator. PLEASE remember that the bible is the INSPIRED word of God through man. It was not dictated, nor was it written in English.


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