Thursday, April 5, 2007

Would You Like Some Of My Quiche?

So at best, I'm a huge procrastinator. I seem to always wait until the last possible moment to get things done sometimes. It's a character flaw, I know, but love me or leave. Tonight was no exception in my procrastination efforts. Tomorrow my work is commemorating Good Friday with a brunch. Of course, I had promised to bring some concoction, which I had every intention to creating something homemade until fatigue set in.

Around 9:45 PM, I finally decided to drag my lazy black ass to the grocery 'ho (yeah, it's a sto, really, I enjoy calling Giant a 'ho cause as much money as I spend there, I must be their bitch!) and grab something tasty. I decided on purchasing several quiches, figuring most people associate quiche and Mimosas with Brunch. Too bad we can't have Mimosas, I could use a good liquoring up, LOL.

My quick dash turned into full shopping spree. Intention was only going to permit I purchase one or two items, then go home. While there, I figured I might as well get my weekly groceries. My sleeping patterns continue to be out of whack and I've been staying up till 1 0'clock every night this week, so rushing home to get to bed was not a concern.

Hunger also had other plans. Each and every thing I passed looked so good. I was picking things off the shelves left and right. Most people who know how I shop, are used to this maddening way of hunting, gathering, then discarding. I'll dump tons of stuff in my cart, then upon preparing to check out, I'll systematically pitch items, disposing them discreetly (sometimes not) in corners of the store. Again, tonight was no exception. I was hungry beyond belief. Normally, fate would have directed me to my nearest McDonald's, but considering I gave up fast food establishments for Lent, I've been forced to semi-eat normal, healthy food. Translation "get off your tucker and cook boy!"

During my hunger binge shopping frenzy, my libido kicked in and decided to join the party. Now let's just say yours truly has been in a "dry spell" lately. In addition to giving up unhealthy foods, I conveniently gave up "hook-ups" for Lent too. I had been doing the casual sex thing more than I care to admit to anyone. It was emotionally and spiritually unhealthy insomuch as my fast food meanderings. No Napoleon, No Mr. Franklin, No Schroeder, and certainly no fantasies of Ronnie Mac or King Louis. Nope. Nada, zip. Haven't been downtown to the bars once. It's been a hard (pun intended) and erstwhile period for me.

So going to the store to night and seeing the perfect stud with a football player's build bending over with track pants, showing his smooth and perfectly round ass, with the very clear, well defined VPL....may not have been the best course of action. Whew! He was more than I could take.

Next aisle over has the oh-so-tasty twenty-something stock boy, with the walnut brown skin, tight, thick black cornrows, with a rock hard body, delicious looking ass in his just baggy enough black uniform pants, flexing his biceps as he shelves boxes of cereal....ummm, wrong aisle for me!

Mayhaps an escape to the dairy section will do this boy relief? Perhaps not! Standing are two sexy Blatino thuggish guys shooting the shit with one another, expounding in rhythmic machismo... OK, I need to get my crazy, overly stimulated butt out of this store! Now, dammit.

WHEW! I've made it home to blog. I'm relaxed now and my belly is full. Other matters are going to be denied for at least three more days. I might have to make a drive to see Mr. Franklin Easter Monday. I'll be visiting Naps on Sunday. Does Easter Sunday count as a part of Lent???? Ooooh Naps, I need to talk to you.

Moral and lesson to be learned? Number One: Never go to the grocery store hungry. And Number Two: Don't be stupid enough to give up sex and sexual contact for forty days unless you're a religious cleric. Certainly don't shop at Giant late at night either. I might run by tomorrow though to check out that fiiiiiiine stock boy with the braids. He is just too much temptation to resist.

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