Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pride In The Neighbor

There are little moments where I have to stop and smile. Truly.

This morning on my way to work I caught a sight that you don't see too often in my neck of the woods. Two black men, in their 30's, holding hands, all boo'd up happily, without a care in the world, walking down the street.

Yes, it was a beautiful sight to see. And just when I had given up on open expression of romance here, at least for black men. I see more often with men of other races, but rarely with gay black men in Harrisburg.

This isn't the big city. This is central PA. Attitudes are strange around here. Not necessarily backwards, just conservative. I wouldn't be surprised seeing this in Philly, DC, New York, Atlanta, LA, wherever... Openly displaying same sex affection like that in my conservative, judgmental, one-horse town community? Wow.

All right y'all. I tip my hat. Yeah, I'm gonna hold on to that small moment all day.

Thank you gentlemen,

1 comment:

photogreg said...

very cool! glad you got to witness that.


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