Monday, October 17, 2011

On A New Path

This year has had it's challenges with my weight goals. I was doing well before summer came, and I fell hard. Since then I've been on a roller coaster, up down up down up down. I'm actually sick of it. Time to set things to right for once and for all.

Today started my quest to permanent weight loss and so far it's been OK? Drinking lots of water and watching my in-take. Yes I have a number goal. Not sharing yet. Not sharing all my intentions at the moment either. My only hope is that once all is said and done I can live with my decisions and feel happy. Only time will tell, I suppose...

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photogreg said...

Have you tried the Men's Health Abs Diet? For me it's the easiest diet to stick with. It's actually not a diet per se, but a healthier way to eat. The cookbook makes it even easier:

The New Abs Diet Cookbook: Hundreds of Delicious Meals That Automatically Strip Away Belly Fat! by David Zinczenko and Jeff Csatari


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