Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Thoughts

Yesterday a friend asked me, innocently enough, if I was still single. Hmph. Still. I had to laugh because I understood what they were getting at. It's been a minute since I've stepped foot into the dating pool. Answering my friend, I told them simply I'm not ready. Their response? Of course, what am I awaiting for?

Hm. Interesting. What exactly am I waiting for? I'm getting older and life waits for no man. But I know the deficits I have and the things I need to work on before I enter a relationship with another person. I know I can be selfish. I'm set in my own ways. Plus I still carry too much baggage from the past that I'm constantly working on... So, no. I'm not ready. And yet....I have to admit fall makes me a bit nostalgic for love. Coming home to somebody. Spending time with that special someone, cuddlin' up, boo'd up in love.

Over the weekend I did the family thing with a friend and their son. We went out on a hay ride, picked pumpkins, went shopping for a Halloween costume for the boy, and finally out to dinner. It was nice. Very endearing. Looking back on that experience, yeah it warms my heart to what I could have if I get my act together. Maybe someday.... I just know that time isn't today.

For now, I'm just going to trust in the old phrase "All in good time."


Roger Poladopoulos said...

Don't get too comfortable, friend. Usually, when you least expect it, love enters your life! Watch out!

Ian said...

LOL. Hm. Something to think about Roger, but in my life that stuff rarely happens. We'll see...

Pharaoh said...

You just have to be open to it!

Pharaoh said...

Oh yeah...love the picture!


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