Saturday, March 21, 2009


I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy plus going thorugh my changes. Life, ain't it grand. Just to fill everybody in on my comings and goings, I probably wil be taking an extended break from all my blogs for the next couple of weeks because I need to have a repair surgery on my leg that will lay me up for a few weeks. I'm having surgery at the end of the month.

So far, I'm not so stressed out over the surgery, just over finances. I'm not sure where all the money is going to come from, plus I found out there is the remote possibility I might have lost my COBRA coverage. Yikes! A bit scary. So far I've been barely keeping my head above water, but things are getting shaky and fierce. I'm nervous, but I know God is with me. I just have to trust.

While I'm in hospital, I'm gonna have my ex-wife watch my two rugrat cats. Since I'm gonna need be off my leg and foot as much as possible, I'm not going to be able to fend for Itchy and Giblet.

I'll try to post more and give updates. Not sure who cares, but its nice to vent out what's going on. ON the flip side, I haven't talked to "A" in a few days, which isn't unusual. Been a little lonely since I post my little porno rant over on the MALE blog. Oops. The embarrassment. The embarrassment. Hahahaha.

I still crack me up.


David Dust said...

Wow - you sound pretty calm for someone with so much going on. I'll be thinking about you!


ToddyEnglish said...

Chile, 'A' musta been rat tat tattin dat ass!

Anyway, all jokes aside, I wish you the best. I believe you will arise from this unscathed. I'm sending you positive thoughts and good vibrations (as 1960's hippyish as that may sound).

Take care of yourself Ian.

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro!

I'll be thinking of you. Take care,




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