Monday, March 30, 2009

Tampa Bay. Oh And David Price Too!

You might remember this up and coming phenom pitcher from last year's World series when the Tampa Bay Rays (what happened to the "Devil" part?) fought tooth and nail against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ah, last season's World Series was a nail biter. The playoffs started with several of my favorite teams competing for a spot, but in the end, my Phillies prevailed. Besides, I had to go with my hometown ball club.

Always been a fan of the D-Rays. St. Petersburg is home away from home. Got family on both sides of the Bay, in Tampa and St. Pete, and I'm hoping to get down there this summer at some point.

With loads of eating and things to do, you can't go wrong. From Fort De Soto to Pass-a-Grille to St. Pete's Beach, I'm in love with the area. St Pete's Beach is so friggin quaint. Certainly could see myself retiring there. With the beach, shopping, (my favorite are the Bealles outlets), year round nice weather, what's not to love? Only thing caution note is for those not accustomed to all the little lizards running around, cause they're there aplenty! All in all, Tampa Bay is a great community. And tons of hot guys with slammin' gay night life in Tampa (not-so slammin' St. Pete's, but you can find bars there).

Back to Dave. Unfortunately, the only time I saw a Rays' game was during Spring Training when they faced the Phillies. David Price probably was still in high school then, if not junior high, so I didn't see him. But what I saw of Pitcher Price during last year's Series was enough to impress me.

So here's a nod of recognition to David....

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