Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dorian...Hunk-o-licious to Bear-o-licious

Ah, now here's a man I really could sink my teeth into, Dorian Gregory. Here's my rebuttal to Toddy's Laz Alonzo post... What's wrong with a helathy bit of competition, eh?

Now Dorian's appearance has certainly changed over the years. He's not a buff and tight as he used to be. A few laugh and age lines have set in. There's a little more girth to his mirth, but brother still has it going on in my opinion. I'll take the graduated bear physique. Recently, I added brother to my lists of "husbands." Chile, I'll take on this big daddy any day o' the week.

Now I'm familiar with Dorian from his work on the hit cult show Charmed and when he was host for Soul Train, but he's also a great humanitarian. He's worked with the American Diabetes Association raising awareness for Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes, MADD, and the Los Angeles AIDS Project.

Call me shallow, but there's something deeply appealing about him. Something masculine, although there's a gay vibe I catch whiff when I watch him. I'm not sure if he's gay, probably not, but my Spidey sense gets all tingly around Dorian. Check out the bleach blonde hair shot below. How many straight black men bleach their hair?

My friends chastise me for my type of guy I'm drawn to. Personally, I consider myself pretty non-discriminating, but ask my cohorts in life and they'll tell you something else. I go through my stages. And as I recently mentioned to Real, my fine ass "yella" and "red-boned" brethren get me into the most trouble. Call it issues. They say we're often drawn to folks who are most like one of our parents. Guess my little craziness over yellow-toned boys comes from my mum being "high yellow" and all, but I don't have any Oedipal delusions, do I? Ha! Nah, I'm just weird. I think I can handle Mr. Red Brown here though.

With regard to Dorian's coiffured state, I must say, I much prefer brother with hair on his head. I have a few Dorian pictures sans the hair but didn't post those. Don't care for 'em. Y'all know I got the hair fetish thang down pat. Sure I like the smooth and clean look on a bald-headed man, but Dorian hirsute is much more masculine. Plus, no offense, but the bald look makes his dome look huge. I ain't feelin' it.

Lemme stop playin'. I'll say this much, if I ever have the slightest hint bro plays for my team, I will find him and beg for that special date!


J. Clarence said...

I'll have to give this one to you. Mr. English's choice doesn't thrill me as much this time.

David Dust said...

He is NICE...

thegayte-keeper said...

he is VERY nice

D.J. said...

OH MY!!!


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