Monday, March 23, 2009

Jason Kidd

OK, might get some flack for posting a birthday tribute for Jason. Especially after I've been more than a little vocal with friends over the whole Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco.

For those with short memories, Jason Kidd had been accused and arrested a number years back for domestic abuse against his then wife, Joumanna. It's sad, really. Kidd had a ritual of blowing kisses to his wife before taking shots at the hoop. On the outside, Jason and Joumanna's marriage seemed perfect. That was before all the domestic abuse surfaced. They later divorced in 2007-08.

To be sure, I'm not forgiving Jason for his issues with abuse. No. I will concede, however, Jason has attempted to get counsel and help for his problem with anger management. Sure, in time, I will ease up on Chris Brown if brother sincerely gets the help. Right now, young mister Brown is just playing the spin to save his ass, literally, from going to jail. Pretty and young as Chris is to some folk? Shoot, you know Negro's gonna be somebody named Bubba, Leroy, or Artiste's bitch. Then again, Chris might be the one dickin'. Rumor has it Chris has rather large assets in his pants, but I digress.

This is about Jason, not Chris. Forget I even mention Chris, OK? We're all sick of talking about him. It's challenging, though, composing a post on another brother previously accused of domestic abuse. Part of me is thinking with the wrong head. Y'all know I got the light-skinned brother thang down pat. Jason is yellow-boned deliciousness in a pair of basketball shorts. To lend from an old expression, "he's the bee's knees!" But the rational part of my body not in my pants, can't reconcile the Jason's troubling past with Joumanna. One must go then, that if he and his ex-wife are amicable and over the abuse situation, perhaps the rest of need to move on as well. Redeeming Jason though, is he's a humanitarian. Mr. Kidd does give to the needs of children through his charitable organization, the Jason Kidd Foundation. Here's a link if you wanna know more.

Since Jason was shipped over to the Dallas Mavericks from New Jersey Nets, it's difficult to keep up with his career. I hate the Mavs, and don't follow the team, so I can't rave on-and-on about Jason's play time there. For now, just join me in saluting Jason on his 36th Birthday. Hope he had a happy one...

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ToddyEnglish said...

Oh he's now back where he started! I remember a longtime ago when he played for the Mavericks, as a Rookie, alongside Jimmy Jackson and Jamal Mashburn(called em the three J's)...
J.J. was always my favorite. He was so big and sexy. Oh my goodness!
N Tee Way...
Uhm, I'm not really feelin the Kidd. LOL sorry Ian!


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