Saturday, March 7, 2009

D.S. I love you...

well not reallly, but I thought the title was catchy. But here's a birthday shout out to one fine ass brother, Darryl Stephens. Oh so dark dreamy and handsome. Happy 35th Birthday brother!

So totally lickable!


J. Clarence said...

Oh my God, 35 and looking that amazing! It's a crime really. "Oh so dark and handsome," best line anyway.

I hope we get another good set of years of him in the spotlight.

ToddyEnglish said...

Okay, I am about to express an unpopular opinion...
DS does absolutely nothing for me. Yeah, he is a nice looking guy but I cannot get into him for some reason. He just seems Even when I try to think he's hot he just does nothing for me.

Alex said...

For reals? 35? He pulls off those younger roles so well, I thought he was in his late twenties.

Toddy, I know what you're saying. He's good looking and all, but there's something missing. Seems like he'd be a good friend, though.


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