Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stop! Healing Time.

My friends, I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I'm going in for surgery to repair some torn ligaments, fix nerve damage, and remove infected bone tissue tomorrow. Got the bad news a few Fridays ago; been in denial dealing with the situation. To be honest, I'm scared. We're taking heavy duty, major surgery.

Surgery is scheduled for Friday (tomorrow). I'll spend a few days in hospital to make sure there are no major complications, then be whisked off to live with family for a few weeks since I'll be incapable of taking care of myself. Having the family's help will be a burden off my shoulders. Been doing this on my own, alone, for two years now. Time to put the big boy undies on and ask for help.

Fingaz crossed, this will be the home stretch in my ordeal since the auto accident. Considering I almost died last year from complications and infection build up, I've been blessed and fortunate. However, my spirit has been waning and I'm tired. My plan is to rest. This juncture comes at a bad time though, you know staring a new relationship (at least I think we are) and all, but my health has to come first. If I'm dead, worrying about my relationship status is perfectly moot, right? But "A" and I will be alright. If not, then it simply wasn't meant to be.

The doctor's prognosis sounds good though. With proper rest, total immobilization of my leg after the surgery, I should be able to start rehab with 30-45 day. Maybe. But that means staying off the leg 100%. No getting up outta bed for anything, not even to bathe or use the toilet. Yeah, I know. The concept grosses me out too, but I gotta do what will help me heal.

During my convalescence, I've decided to take a break from blogging. Plan on catching up with several good books, keep a private journal, and do soul searching while at home with my family. I'll have access to my laptop, so if I change my mind, and decide to give you guys an update, it's there. Plus, I need to keep reading the good words from my blogging brothers now, don't I?

For Axe readers, the blog will be mostly inactive, but there are one or two prewritten posts coming. Probably won't do much there until I'm feeling up to writing again. Sorry. But for MALE readers and purveyors of Chocolate Salsa, you guys are in for a treat. Chocolate and Salsa guys, I sat down earlier this week and lovingly put a month's worth of sexy pictures and video clips together. Hopefully...I'll be back before they run out.

MALE, I leave in the capable hands of my co-authors. I trust they'll hold down the fort until I return. I look forward to all the great words they plan to share.

Lastly, wish me luck and whisper a word to the Creator for me folks. Been nervous about this whole ordeal. I hate being anesthetized and the run to recovery is gonna be more challenging. I'm fairly independent and this really going to test my limits. But I'm grateful there are people in my life willing to take care of me.

That's all for now. I'll get Hester or Corey to keep you posted on my status. In the meantime, stay blessed, keep your head up, and your eyes on the prize...

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