Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oops...Barack Faux Pas'd.

Without trying to sound insensitive, I'm really not getting why folks are so up in arms over the President and his gaff on the Jay Leno Show the other night. Yes, he made a mild error in judgment with his Special Olympic comment, but I don't think he was attempting to be derogatory or disrespectful. Plus he immediately made an apology to the folks over at Special Olympics.

As someone who is now officially disabled and has worked with the disabled, people need to lighten the hell up to some extent. Politically Correctness has become the secret police in modern day. It's not that I'm not trying to understand the issue, I do. But President Obama didn not make a gross, inappropriate remark such as calling the disabled "gimps," "crippled," or "retards." Unfortuantely, in my community I hear it far too often from folk. I understand there's still stigma on the mentally and physically disabled. Obama saw his error, quicly apologize, his statment was received and accepted by Special Olympics.
Nuff said, right?

You'd think so. I've read more than a few comments on blogs calling for his resignation. Come on already. It's a minor infraction at best. No need for him to step down from the highest office. Given the Prez a little leeway. He's not the first President to say something stupid (Hello? Eight years of George Bush????) and he won't be the last.

Accept the apology folks, then move on.

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ToddyEnglish said...

Political Correctness is getting on my nerves, forreal.
When I was a teacher's aide over a year ago I was in a class with special needs kids. Yes, they don't deserve ire and ridicule. However, Obama made a harmless joke gone bad...And he apologized for it. That was CLEARLY a slip of the tongue...

But let's not forget. Obama is black AND President. Some people are still pissed off about that and will be waiting for ANY misstep on his behalf...ANY! If Obama pulls out a wedgie you better know it will be on CNN with the headline, "Obama makes an Obscene gesture to Middle Eastern viewers" or some shit like that.


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