Monday, July 14, 2008

Dark Corridor

I'm tired, bitchy, grumpy, lonely and hungry. Oh boy! It's gonna be one of those Mondays.

My weekend was crap, except for Saturday evening when I hung out with the gang down by the Riverfront for an impromptu picnic. I didn't even bother going to church yesterday. Bad, I know. I'm kinda in a mood for a myriad of reasons.

1) I'm waaaaaaay sick 'n tired over my current health problems. Let's just amputate my leg already! Sheesh! If I have to have one more procedure or surgery....

2) Several friends' lives are in utter chaos and I can't fix it for them. Being a solution finder, I'm one for getting people to recognize ways out of their messes, but is so thick with friends' relationships, substance abuses, denial, etc, it's beyond any reasonable solvable solution I can muster.

3) It's summer and I'm stuck in the *@#$ damn house! Why? See number one!

4) My grandfather, my mum's dad, is really sick and they don't expect him to last the week, which means a funeral is in the near future. I hate funerals.

5) The arrogance of the gay community in my area, especially from the HANDFUL of out gay Black men. Please! Get over your "diva-fied" selves. This is Frickin' Central PA. Nobody would think your ass is cute in NY, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Charlotte, ATL or any other place where there's more than 10 out gay Black men.

6) While I'm at it, I'm tired of so-called "straight" brothers, creepin on the fuckin' weekends, talkin' shit, then Monday morning act like they don't know you. OK?!?! My area is only {finger snap} big, dammit. Please talk. Everybody knows you're a weekend dick-rider!

Yeah, I'm in my nasty, evil, foul-tempered place this morning. Probably because I didn't sleep well, I haven't had anything to eat, no caffeine, no nicotine since I got up. Oh it's just off to a terrible start, but my attitude is justified. People in my circle know exactly who I'm referring.

As Missy would say "somebody shitted in my corn flakes this mornin'." Hopefully, Oscar the Grouch will go away soon enough, and the sweet loveable Elmo me will return. Yeah I said Elmo. Ha! Let's not go there. I'm a child of the 70s and Sesame Street takes me back. Uh-huh.

All things right themselves eventually. Things will be better once I get out the house later. Even if it's only to the Post Office and back.



Anonymous said...

Please bring Elmo back.

Sorry about your grandfather.

bobbymo said...

I can identify.
Today is a workout day, after yesterday's being a try-to-recover day from too little sleep, too much drinking and flirting with guys who turn out to have boyfriends and/or lovers.
I mean, what's the point of working hard to look good, if all you get is somebody else's problem?
But the alternative is....?
Guess we'll all live, despite what a shitty world people seem to be bound and determined to make.


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