Sunday, July 20, 2008

Down In Fraggle Rock

Posts are gonna be "lite" a day to three days more while I work on a few necessary matters. I've some important business matters plus personal situations going on. For the most part, spirits are high, but I embarrassed and humiliated myself in a way I said I would never do. Oh well, I'm not ashamed and the recipient of my venom deserved it. Score one for me.

Don't know about where you are, but it's been boiling here. T and I went to Leeser's Friday night to swim and drink wine. That took the edge off some. It was relaxing, but alas, Sunday night is here already, and the Sunday night blues has crept upon me.

I might go visit Napoleon later, but since he's the person I blasted out the water last night, well, there might be some awkwardness. No worries. I have shortbread on the ropes and if he pisses me off, I'll finish him good, LOL. Boy is getting on my nerves again.

What I need is a vacation! Somewhere tropical with lots of guys running around in shorts, playing volleyball, or other inane beach activity. Still working on getting LB to take me to "Rehomo," but as I mentioned before, ain't gonna happen unless I go by myself. My money is tied up, so no vacation for yours truly.

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