Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks, Will Smith, & Church? Uh-huh!

The Holiday weekend was nice. Well, that is to say I had a nice weekend. The same can't be said in my circle of friends as everything that could go wrong went down this weekend. I won't blog about their personal issues only that they're in my thoughts today.

Just a brief synopsis of my Fourth Weekend, I end up stayin' in the area and caught the fireworks on downtown. I swear er'ry hot man of African-American/Latino/Hispanic descent from the five county radius was at the Riverfront on Friday night. Felt more like a child in a candy shop than a spectator at a Independence Day celebration. S' OK. Now you understand another reason why ID4 is one of my top holidays, men in summer attire, baby! HA!

Saturday I lunched with friends and caught the new Will Smith movie, Hancock. Will had it goin' on after he shaved and cleaned himself up. Tight ass Wolverine costume indeed. Damn Will! If you haven't seen the movie yet, be sure to stay until the end credits are through, like X-Men Unlimited or Iron Man.

All I have to say is "Asshole!"

Won't say anymore. Those who saw Hancock will understand the reference. However, it's not a film I'd take any child under 14 to see. The violence was disturbing, especially the one scene with Jason Bateman, and my opinion is small children don't need to see this movie. While the violence is mostly implied, kids ain't stupid.

Speaking of Senor Bateman. Dude and are almost the exact same age (I think?) and he is lookin' might seasoned in the face. He's come a long way from being the annoying neighbor on Silver Spoons. At least his acting redeemed himself for his character in Juno. Loved Juno, hated Bateman's character.

Sunday, went to church with Tamodi. It has been a good experience going to church these last couple of weeks. I'm on a roll and will continue to go as long as the Spirit moves me. I feel welcomed, so far.

After church, I came home, ate, relaxed, and read most of the evening. All in all, not a bad weekend.

Oh, and to answer Greg's question from last week... No, there weren't any hot guys in church. Not even remotely! If I want hot guys, I'm afraid I need to attend the MCC church uptown, even then, it's slim pickins. Unless you count my friend RaShawn, he goes there regularly.

RaShawn is hot as hell (no that's not him to the right)! Nice dark brown complexion, muscular, medium build, legs for days.... Oh and did I mention he ran track at Uni (college)? Mmmm. Nothin' like a hot track man!

I must digress, though. RaShawn is my friend after all. Still though....LOL.

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photogreg said...

Damn...I'd switch churches!

Thanks for all of the hot pics. You've been on another roll.

Glad things are going well.


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