Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American League Wins

Whew! After 15 innings, some tense nail-biting moments, the American League wrapped up Major League Baseball's 2008 All Star Game. Finally. I was getting tired. Fox announcers were going on and on about how the game might end in a tie, but I wasn't worried for a second.

First, the game was held at Yankee Stadium. This is the current Yankee's Stadium last season. No way they'd let the game end in a tie!

Second, this game was the longest game played, time-wise, so the fans had too much invested for it to end in a tie.

Third, given how there's the war, rising gas prices, rising everything prices, unemployment, blah blah blah, Americans need something to hold onto, a recreational diversion. Nobody woulda been happy with a "kissing your sister" ending...

Sure, I was rooting for the National League, but at 1:45 in the morning, I was more than ready for this game to end. I watched from start to finish and my butt is tiiiiired! This year had it's highlights though. Jeter, A-Rod (cheating womanizer he may be, but he's a handsome womanizer) Manny, Guzman, Veritek, and Russell Martin all made for great eye candy.

I'd hate to be Florida Marlin's Dan Uggla right now. With multiple error committed tonight, I'm sure more than a few teammates and fans aren't happy with him. Loved when Uggla made his third error and then the camera panned to LA Dodgers' catcher Russell Martin mouthing "#@%dammit" and "fuck" for Uggla's ball baubling play. So many missed opportunities the National League coulda ended it... but oh well. My only regret is Brad Lidge, the Phillies closer. got the loss on the score card. Most disappointing there.

One final comment, question really, what's up with folks booing Jon Papelbon? I haven't been paying much attention to Red Sox this year, so I'm outta the loop. Any fans know the deal?

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