Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ain't Da Nu Yorka A Bitch?

Barack Obama. Sigh. Barack.

Poor Barack. No matter what he does or says at this point, people are gonna ride his ass all the way to November, and not in a good way.

As if last week's mess with Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Fox News (The Republican Propaganda Channel) weren't enough, now The New Yorker Magazine has to thrown fuel on the fire with their controversial racist cover. Ugh! Idiots!

You know, "Barry" can't help who his father was, how his name sounds like he should be Muslim, or that seemingly every single American is @#$%@ damn intolerant of Muslims these days. Plus you'd think after the Jeremiah Wright debacle, people would know Barack is a Christian. How many times does he have to prove himself?

Now I have a greater understanding how people must've felt back in the 60s when JFK was elected the first Catholic president. But really, what is so wrong fundamentally with Islam? Yes, there is the terrorist activity and violence, but Christianity has it's fair share of violence and intolerance.

One can't judge the greater whole based on the actions of the selected few. If that were the case, no one would be safe. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Caucasian. Black. Gay. Straight. All groups have had folks give poor representation on their social standing.

And why, why do we Americans always resort to an "Us" vs "Them" mentality? Whatever happened to "One nation under God?" Whatever happened to religious freedom without persecution?

Racial attitudes are always gonna be lurking just below the surface. Always. The 2008 Presidential Election season will only get nastier as November inches closer. I support Barack. I believe in him.

Interestingly, "Andy" Cooper(1) on AC 360, while not saying he was for or against Obama, gave an list of misconceptions people have about Barrack Obama including his attending an Indonesian Militant Muslim school and that he was sworn in as Senator with the Koran. Wrong, he was sworn in with his family's Bible. The school he attended has no particular religious affliation.

Even if Barack were Muslim, he's a good man, and not all Muslims are terrorist. Again, one can't judge the entire Muslim community based on the beliefs of the Bin Ladens, Mahmoud Ahmadinejads, or Saddam Husseins of the world.

All the other political BS notwithstanding, the original photo of the Obamas doing the "first bump" is endearing and tender. Makes me proud they have such a wonderfully supportive relationship.

(1) Just as a side note, it's well known Anderson Cooper is gay, gay, gay, just in the closet for career reasons, which is his right. I honestly can't see, however, any self-respecting SGL-LGBT person voting for McCain in the Fall, but you never know....

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