Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You Look Marvelous!

What is it about the turn of the annual calender that makes us want to strive to improve ourselves? I dunno, but I long ago stopped making New Year's Resolutions only to break them not only ten minutes into the year! LOL. Yeah, I think that was the year I said I gonna quit smoking. Umm...

Now, let's talk about realistic ventures for the next 3-6-5 days. In 2012 I made some progress with my life intentions, but I have far too many setbacks. I didn't let them get me down, but I didn't moving along as far as I had hoped. For 2013, I want to continue to make strides with my health, bettering myself. In total, I shed only 30 lbs last year. Not bad, but like I said, setbacks. I'm not gonna focus on the negative, only the positive and do what I can to be in a better body, spirit, and mind.

This is no resolution, not intention. This is life baby. And the time is now. I'm gonna take advantage of what there for me and as I say "Be Me, Do Me." 

What are your self-improvement projects in the next few weeks?

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