Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fall From Grace

Remember when Lance Armstrong was kinda sexy????

I found this picture of Lance back in the day before this whole doping allegations, now confession, arose. He was the pinnacle of his career.

Wasn't this taken for some testicular cancer awareness? Whatever the reason, it was pretty sexy.

Lance, Lance, Lance... What happened?!?! You were the poster boy for all things cycling! You're fall from grace over all this doping shit doesn't bother me, but those loyal fans that believed, well....

So sad.


Roger Poladopoulos said...

This whole situation is a major disappointment. Unfortunately, it casts all athletes in a bad light. It goes much further than just himself.

Ian said...

Roger, the more I hear about this whole situation, the less I like Lance. I mean I was never a huge fan, but I respected his "talent." Now to hear how he was just a con artist the whole time??? Hmph! No wonder Sheryl never married him. Wonder how much she really knew/knows?


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