Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Up Your Kit ( or Kilt)

Admittedly, at almost 44 years old, I still enjoy my fair share of crotch watching. Hm. Should I really be writing this??? What the fcuk. It's my blog. If you don't like what I'm sharing, I'm sure you'll find something better on the Interwebs, won't you? Heh,heh.
It's a bit immature and childish, at least in my mind to carry on so, but hey we're all allowed to be our true-selves every now and again. We all can indulge in our favorite passions (as long as no one gets hurt, right?) I have a few collected photographs I'll share in the coming days.

So? What's your fetish?


Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

i cant see nothing in ur pic. what did you see?

Mine would be feet though. I do not want to suck toes or anything, but I always want to see men's feet. A man's feet means a lot to me..if the feet are a hot ass mess, he gets no press.

The Nautical Starr said...

This photo leaves a lot to the imagination

Ian said...

At Daddy Squeeze Me and Nautical Starr
Well there's nothing really to see. I just used this picture for illusory purposes. It is based on common experiences I have while I'm out and folk let their goodies show...

Dominic said...

I LUVV guy legg hair!! And I like legg hair that glistens in the sun.
GREAT pic!

Anonymous said...

Manly armpits make me moan


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