Friday, November 21, 2008

"I Love Men!"

For those of you old enough to remember Friday Night Videos on NBC back in the early 80s, you might remember Eartha Kitt crooning in this bawdy clip how much she loves men. Hmph! Anybody recall seeing this? FNV broadcast late night on Fridays and for those of us unfortunate enough not to have MTV, back when MTV had music videos, was our solution to staying in touch with pop videos of the day. Watching was a Friday night ritual for many peeps in my circle. We were too young to go out to on a Friday night.

Yeah, Eartha, you said it. I love men! From my brown bothers to my light skinned brothers to my dark skinned and red brothers, you're loved! And let's not forget my Asian, Latinos, and white brothers... I love ya too! Keep on do you're thing! Must admit though, I don't understand a word Eartha utters except for "I love men." Do you? Is there any wonder why she wasn't a hit sensation here in the States.

But the video is a classic. Pretty cheesy? Yes. Homoerotic? Most definitely! Catch the last scene. Straight men don't act like that, LOL. At least the ones I know, don't!

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