Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Amongst Das Nosferatu

This afternoon Hester and I are indulging ourselves in one our favorite hobbies, Vampire lure.

Now after reading the oodles of folklore, one knows never to speak ill of the Vampyrii, or even call attention to them. They simply don't like it. Oh sure, they'll deal with an occasional moment or two in the spotlight, so long as their cover isn't blown, and the great masses still think their myth....LOL.

Seriously, Hester and I are going to at last catch Twilight since we both read the books. Then, later this evening, after the kiddies are nestled snugly in bed, were turning on HBO and catching up with my latest addiction, True Blood! I was skeptical watching the program, but Hester implored, begged me to. "You're gonna love it, just die over it." I knew the moment I saw Anna Paquin doing her thing or alarmingly sassy, but kinda cute, Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, she was right. I was hooked. This show is addicting.

So, I'm off to Washington State to visit the Cullens, then Bon Temp, LA for my pint o' True Blood at Merlotte's. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow to post, hahahahaHA!

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