Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Here

OK, folks. We had our day to celebrate. Did a flimsy post to comemorate the milestone because I was tired from staying up until 3 AM Tuesday Night. I'm still tired, but it time to resume our regular programming. Party's on hold until MLK Weekend '09. Then we can celebrate all over again. For now, life ain't gonna stop just cause history was made. There's still bills to get paid, appointments to keep, debts to be paid, commitments to hold.

But boo-yeah, baby! We got our first Black President, America!

So where do we go from here? Not Barack, but us, the addicted News Media junkies?!?! I mean, I tried watching MSNBC and CNN yesterday. Just didn't have the same feel. Nope. Not at all. Seeking a consolation prize, I even tuned into The View, hoping Elizabeth be smarting her ass off, instead all I got was a Sherry Shepard break down. Damn! Sherry didn't you get the November 5th etiquette memo??? You not supposed to breakdown in public. Only in private. Yeah, I know you was overcome, but like Whoopi tried to tell you "Don't go, don't go!"

So how many times did you cry? I'll admit it, had my moment several times. Tom Joyner did a montage on Tuesday morning starting with MLK and ending with Barack's DNC Convention speech. Tuesday night, lost it when I talked to my family, then again driving home from an Election Watch party. Whew! Too much of that, LOL.

Time to put away the handkerchiefs now. (Do people even use those anymore?) Suck it up soldier. Life keeps on going. But please, please, somebody tell me what am I gonna do now that I can't get up in wee hours to watch the campaign speeches? The asinine Fox Noise folks claiming their McCain victory? Where is my meaning to the Rachel Maddow Show, now? Do I continue to tune in for Keith Olbermann's "Worse Person Of The World?"

Oh, Anderson Cooper! Am I really gonna tune into AC 360? Larry King Live? Do I watch CNN & MSNBC at all now? Sure there's uber-sexy-as-silk CNN reporters TJ Holmes & Don Lemmon, and the pontificating Harold Ford Jr on MSNBC, but one can only stare at these brothers for so long dammit without getting that vapid feeling! Is the News still newsworthy? Tell me!

So where do I go from here? Do I migrate over to E!? HGTV? ESPN? Spike? Univision? Cartoon Network? God forbid, CMT???? Nope. The best thing from here is click the remote off, pick up a book, and immerse myself in the world of my own mind.

But the political commentary wiithdraaaaaaaawl! He'p me Lawd!


Queen Hester said...

If you start watching My Big Redneck Wedding on a regular basis I'm gonna tackle you my self and insert David McCullough's 'John Adams' biography into your hand instead of the remote control!! LOL

ToddyEnglish said...

This Monday I am going to be 26-years-old; and for the first time in my adult life I am TRULY proud of my country.
I always believed he could do it! I don't know why, but when he made his first appearance four years ago I hung on every word. This was the first political candidate that I've ever donated money too...Not to mention I stood my ground against rabid republicans everywhere(I live in damn Texas afterall).
And I even promoted him on my blog.
Now, to see this come to fruition was a BEAUTIFUL thing.

I seriously cried like I never cried before. I wept for my ancestors who shed blood so that we could see this...The day when America truly stopped seeing people for the color of their skin.
And I also cried because this is so MUCH bigger than Barack...This campaign was a movement. I truly felt empowered by the political process. Finally, FINALLY, there was a candidate that spoke to and inspired me in a positive way.

I truly feel that there is someone in the white house that gives a damn about all of us. With Obama it isn't about "ME" it is about "WE".

Furthermore, the way Obama carried himself in the face of adversity was fabulous. He never broke a sweat and nothing impeded on his cool. Attack after vicious attack he endured, but he stayed the course...

I believe the last eight years happened for a reason. Bush was an inept idiot whose sole purpose was to have a legacy (ironically he'll go down as the worst of the 44 presidents); however, his legacy will be that he opened the world's eyes to the possibility of America being great.
Obama was selected by the spirit of history: Malcolm X, MLK, JFK, and Bobby Kennedy are all smiling. Their work was not in vain.

Oh lawd, brevity is not my forte on this issues...So let me quit!


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