Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Won't Be Stopped!

My Brothers! My Sisters!

Over the weekend, Judge Judy appeared on Larry King Live. I'm not sure if last Saturday's broadcast was a repeat or not, but all issues she discussed were relevant to current events. Now I've never been a proponent of Judge Judy. I think the woman is harsh, sadistic, and over the top. However, Judge Judy earned my respect, if not some admiration on the support of Barack Obama's election as President and her criticism of Prop 8. Simply put, she blew in outta the water. See, Judge Judy, whom I've always viewed as ultra-conservative, actually voted for Barack Obama. The lady firmly disagreed with the stance same sex couples should not be allowed to marry or adopt children. Judge Judy disappointment in one state's vote to deny same sex couple to adopt or foster children was endearing. Wow. Yes, this woman has earned valuable favor with me.

While, I'm neither for nor against gay marriage, given the failure of my own marriage, I believe anyone who wants to be joined in union, should be allowed to do so. What I find most amusing about this how Defense on Marriage Act, is the whole issue crosses the line on the division of Church and State. Marriage, after all, is a holy religious partaking. It's a matter for clergy to decide who they will and won't marry.

The Federal Government should not step in on a subject that clearly violates one our country's founding tenets, the division of church and state. Now if the government wants to argue the point, let the matter be taken up on Civil Unions. I don't claim to understand the whole ordeal, but love is love, in all forms. The problem rests in individuals who take up issue what people do in their bedrooms. I mean, really? Are we all so different? Just because what I do is with a person of my own gender makes immoral? Hell, I know some pretty depraved straight people, folks who do things I would never consider. Quiet as it's kept, you do too! The freaky freaks all all around us and they ain't necessarily gay or lesbian!

Sex, in and of itself, is a private matter; between two consenting adults. Be honest with yourself. Have you really ever remotely thought what Portia does with Ellen and a vibrator at night? Or Jensen topping Darryl? TR blowin' his load on Luke? Do you really wanna know about Jada? Dana? Or care about Wilson's nocturnal proclivities, Tyler's hard-on for Shemar??? Thought about who Lamann, Chico, or Blair are taking swipes at? Fuck {pun intended} no!!! Oh sure, I've had my healthy, occasional orgiastic fantasy involving three certain CNN News anchors, Boris, and Daniel, hot butterscotch and cafe au lait attractiveness all, but in reality??? I don't care about anybody else's sexual activities except my own. I don't wanna picture anyone breakin' off a piece unless I'm involved. Love making, sex, is between the partners involved. It's that simple!

If people learned to stop being so nosy, so morally superior to everyone else, perhaps we could grow as a society. I find it humorous many Southern States still have anti-sodomy laws on the books. Don't these folks stop a moment and ponder what sodomy means? Technically speaking, sodomy is anything that's non-missionary position. That means laws also would apply to heterosexual couples who participate in anything but your boring, run-o-the-mill, vanilla sex. Oh Goodness, no! So beware straight folk! Every time you commit oral sex, hit it from the backdoor, participate in Karma Sutra techniques, you too, are breakin' the law!

Oh, but we didn't mean against straight men and women! No, their sexual behavior is normal. We won't enforce the anti-sodomy laws upon God fearing heterosexuals. But you heathen queers and dykes? Oh you're gonna burn in Hell, both on Earth and in the Inferno. Really now? Hmph! So essentially you just don't like that what I do is not with a woman? OK, I got you.

Isn't there something more important to legislate? Unemployment? Health Care? The Mortgage Crisis? Homeless? The Hungry? Please, get your nose outta my bedrooms. Ain't nobody's business who's parking their shoes under my bed at night except me and him (or her). Government, take care of the most important business at hand; making sure folks have the basic necessities!

Now I know I haven't addressed adoption and foster parenting, but that's a whole 'nother blog topic. That too, gays deserve to have families like any other American citizen. With so many children who just want a home, just wanna be loved, shouldn't they have loving parents who care about them? Give them the same needs straight couples do? Please! God forbid we have equality in the world....



ToddyEnglish said...

Going on a little tangent for a second...
I feel so ashamed. I recognize both of the porn stars in that picture. The bottom's name is T-Malone and I own two of his movies: Big Booty Gang Bang and Bottoms Up.

Anyway, I totally agree. Not only is it no one's business (although the bigots out there will bandy about comparisons to humans marrying their: dogs, (adult)children, and toaster ovens (shout out to ElizaBITCH Hasselbeck from The View))but proposition eight violates the 1st and 14th amendments of the constitution...

Moreover, as you stated, there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state (Congress shall not intermingle its affairs with the church. That is why the colonists broke away from England in the first place...Religious persecution. Lo and behold here we are again!). That is why Federal government should intervene.

Civil rights should NOT be left to a popular vote. I am not holding my breathe waiting around for these ignoramuses to give me my rights.

Anyway, they still can't legislate who we fuck. As long as me and my boo are down for some lovin it's all good.

Darktomahawk said...

You know Toddy, Elizabeth's problem is that her husband ain't kickin' it right at night, that's why the bitch is all concerned about everybody else. Let her get some real good lovin' she'd be like "Proposition huh?" OK!?! LOL

Cocoa Rican said...

You're truly preaching to the choir on this one! I agree. Mind your business and issues become more clear.


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