Friday, November 21, 2008

Solve Your Procrastination:. Think Men!

OK, procrastination is the word! I don't feel like cleaning off my car, running over to Physical Therapy today. I don't. Don't wanna. I'm being a big baby 'bout it too. Several reasons.

First, I just got warm. Got the space heater going and my office is warm as toast, the rest of the house is ice cold. I can't imagine how frigid my bathroom is gonna be when shower time comes. Brrrrrrrrr!

Second, I don't wanna deal with Gemini. Lately, Brother and his female cohorts, have been gettin' on my last good nerve. They're playing the guessing game as to which side I butter my toast. I won't give 'em the satisfaction of an answer until they come out and ask the question. Maxwell (my other physical therapist, gay and from the Caribbean) and I laugh over it most of the time, but I have to admit, I'm in no mood to be trifled with this afternoon. If you wanna know who I'm shagging with, ask. I ain't a thing to hide. But don't disrespect me by acting like junior high school kids. My name's not Justin and this sure ain't Ugly Betty!

Third, when I don't feel like something, I P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-E!

So here I am, on the blog again. How boring my life must be, huh? You don't know the half of it. Just read Darius' review seeing John Legend in concert and I'm too jealous! Love me some John Legend! Quiet as I've kept this, my hormones have been in overdrive this week, and John is one of my favorite men. Him and a few other fine ass men like Boris Kodjoe, Henry Simmons, Daniel Sunjata, Idris Elba, turn really can turn my key. Mmm. Hot men! Ugh! Don't get me started. Was watching The Gospel yesterday (again!) and almost fell out. Not because of the divinely inspired music, but because of Boris! Talk about sweatin it out. Love his scene at the basketball court with them damn shorts. Whew! While his acting is a little suspect, but Boris is certianly easy on my eyes! Ha!

Boy you need to take your butt to church Sunday and get you som' sanctification! Ya heathen ass!

No, seriously, being on my celibacy wagon has been cleansing. I'm on the mission to find my real deal. Reconnect with my spirit. Sure, it's been a challenge, but don't worry. I'm good. No real temptation has befallen my way.

My point to all this? A few months ago I'd posted a blurb on someone's idea of the Top 100 Men. Complained because it seemed so disproportionate. Well after months, I finally compiled my own list, borrowing from all media...sports, acting, singing, news...and put together my Top 100 Men. Not sure if anyone is interested, but if you are, send me a comment. I'll post it, but I'm not sure if folks will agree with me or not. I think I came up with a good list that at least reflects my personality. Any guesses to who's my number one pick? Heh heh.

Enjoy your day folks, I'm out.

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