Saturday, November 24, 2007

Forget the Cream, Just Give It To Me Black!

More himbos. Sorry. Actually, I'm not. I guess I'm in a randy mood this morning.

Hm, indeed. I never
understood why some people are not attracted to black men, like we're dirty or something. With a wide variety, including my small sampling, there's enough to savor and enjoy!

I'm going through my changes yet again. It has much to do with my night on Thanksgiving Eve and a little to do with Thanksgiving Day. The holiday weekend has kinda sucked. Perhaps I should blog what I'm going through emotionally.

My diaspora issues are flaring out of control again too, in par to my on-going status with Napoleon. Sigh... If I had time, I'd blog about it now, but there's much to do today. Too much cleaning to finish.

Hopefully, I'll have sometime later tonight. I'm gong over to Queen Hester's and spending time with her family plus JB is coming up, so the evening should be nice. Just relaxing. I like it. No time to over focus on myself and my loneliness.

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