Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Quest For Balance

Imagine if we were all at peace with ourselves, what fascinating feats could we accomplish? Imagine if every person was judged by the content of his/her character rather than by their race, ethnic origin, gender, physical appearance, sexual orientation. What would our world be like?

What restrictions have bound, and need be lifted from humankind to allow us to rise above and truly reach the stars? Is such a thing possible?

Are we capable of becoming more than we are today? Or have we reach the pinnacle of accomplishment and success? Perhaps, as some believe, humans are forever trapped in the vicious conflict between good and evil? Darkness and light. Can there only be goodness and wholeness? Purity without blemish? Can light truly exist without the dark???

Darkness is always possible and exists without light, yes. However, light always seems to cause shadows, some seductive, hidden place that is never as brilliant or clear as the highlighted spots.

In my sojourn I've discovered the Universe is balance and abhors imbalance. Sure in our limited perspective the world and Universe surround appears imperfect, unjust, leaning one way or the other,, but if we could see the whole of creation, as God sees, see how nature's impact and destruction always plants the seeds for growth and rebirth, then maybe our conclusions would be altered. What's the old saying, "Hope springs eternal?"

The dark clouds will always have a silver lining. As light cannot exist without dark, so too, the darkness is dependent upon light. Without light, we nothing of the concept of dark. It is incomplete, unbalanced. It's an oddity, but notice how odd things seem to be perfect and conceptually creates balance.

Observe: an odd number gives balance where there are two sides of equality with a remainder, the fulcrum, to level the two sides, acting as the eternal mediator. Yes? Having read the Da Vinci Code, the parts on reoccurring numbers and sequences in nature gave me some enlightenment. Perhaps the other parts of the novel were fictional works, those are matters of faith and devotion.

Faith is believing in the unseen and each person's faith is different. It's all up to interpretation. Faith is also about balance in some sense. To some, faith will bring about absolute balance and justice, the vanquish of darkness from light.

In the end, does one live without the other? Can we coexist with out darker nature and still be completely human. To err is human, to forgive is Divine. Does the Divine understand the balance where we cannot? I believe He does (in my belief, God is a He).

Again, the Universe understands its own nature. It knows darkness exists. It created the Light. Walk with my thoughts a moment longer. Ponder this discourse.

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