Sunday, November 25, 2007

Razor and Torches

So I had every intention of coming home last night and blogging about my evening, but no, yesterday had to be the culmination of every television program I watch or needed to be watched. Sheesh. OK, so instead of blogging, or going to bed, I ended up watching TV until the wee hours. It was a little after 4 AM before I crawled between the sheets. Surprisingly, I'm wide awake this morning....

For all the fans of the 2000s inspired version of Battlestar Galactica, all I have to say is Oh! My! God! Did you watch Battlestar Galatica Razor last night?!?! I had been hemming and hawing about watching a flashback episode. I wasn't really interested in the Pegasus crew's view of the attack on the 12 colonies and chalked it up to being just a bunch of rehashed clips with a cheesy plot to tide viewers over until January. Fortunately, I was mistaken. Oh, and did I mention the 70s original "toaster" model Cylons return in this episode? Woo-Hoo!

Razor kicked ass! Major ass! Admiral Helena Cain was such a bad ass bitch and Razor widens the view on why she took certain actions after the destruction of the Colonies. Forgotten was the scene where her first officer questions her orders and she offs him in the head! Even though you knew it was coming from how they told it episodes prior, I still found myself saying "Dayyuuum Bitch!"

"All is fair in love and war," which Helena proves fairly quickly.

It was bothering me who portrayed Admiral Cain. I Googled and discovered she's the actress who portrayed Ensign Ro, the Enterprise's Bajoran Bridge Officer from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Michelle Forbes. OK, excellent usage between my favorite sci-fi genres! I must not have paid attention with Cain's first story arc. Once I relaxed, put my faith in Ms. Forbes superior acting talent, I sat back and enjoyed Cain. Oh and she's Family!!! I loved it! Admiral Cain was a Lesbian! The writers don't just suggest her relationship with Gina (Tricia Helfer's number Six Cylon character), they hit you over the head with it intimate touching and kissing. Until now the new series hadn't addressed homosexuality, although its implied Lieutenant Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani's character) may be gay.

"This has all happened before and it will happen again....and again, and again, and again, and again, and again..."

Razor's biggest disappointment was not even in the show, but during a commercial sneak peak. New episodes of Battlestar Galactica won't be returning until March. March?!?! I've been waiting a whole frackin' year for BSG's return. It was supposed to be airing new episodes this January. March? March?? Maaaaaaaaarch!??? ¡Ah Dios Mio! Frackin' writers strike!!!! LOL.

Overall, as indicated by many blogs, Razor definitely wasn't for the uninitiated, anyone who hasn't been watching the series. I loved it. I loved it oh-so-much more than Torchwood's latest episode.

Despite the heavy homosexual soldier love angst, I really wasn't too impressed with Torchwood this week.

seems to run hot and cold with me. Some weeks the episodes are edge of your seat and then other weeks are why-did-I-waste-the-last hour-on-this-shit episodes. Last night was an "iffy" episode. While I admit the man on man kiss between Captain Jack and the real Captain Jack was heartfelt and moving, the overall story worked my nerves. Just when I thought I knew and understood Jack (John Barrowman) you discover he's not really Captain Harkness at all!

Also not withstanding was Owen's actions. I won't get started. Owen regularly works my nerves, but last night Ianto did for the first time. Ianto? Yes, Ianto. I digress. I'll have to re-watch the episode. Maybe I'm being a little too harsh. Perhaps because the American censors are editing content for commercials' sake, we're not getting the full presentation. Queen Hester and I have sworn to get the DVDs when they're released to catch all the important scenes we've missed.

Next week is the season finale. I'm hoping it will keep my interest a while longer in Torchwood. Well at least I found out Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) in real life is dating a black woman. In fact, its the actress from the "Cyberwoman" episode. He scores mega points in my book! Now if we could only get him to switch teams...

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