Friday, November 16, 2007

Not Gonna Be The Same

Three are some changes, that even though you know they're coming and you have advance notice, you still can't help feeling devastated when the moment finally arrives. Today I realized something in my life is about to change in a major way, something I'm not prepared for. I had foreknowledge this day was coming, but it was relegated to the back of my mind. Like a train, it hit me full on, full impact this evening. Things are not gonna be the same from here on out. Oh it'll be OK in the long run, but for now I might be posting a little less than I had been. I'm not sure how I feel tonight.

Fortunately I'm going out to dinner with friends and will have that distraction for an hour, two, or three. I can come home then, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, then go to bed and sleep. Alas, my life is taking shape and I have more answers in one moment in time, then I've had in weeks. When some doors close, they just don't close, they slam shut, hard, never to be opened again. Have I reached such an impasse?

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