Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who's Gone Wild?

Just about every blog I read has gone post gaga over former Guys Gone Wild participant and FDNY firefighter Michael Biserta. You can't escape it. Each blog has some snippet on his new calender..blah blah blah. Oh I'm tired of it already!

Nothing against Biserta's schmacking schmekel! I won't deny anyone the right to earn revenue or to pose nude or do tawdry things with their bodies if that's their desire, but move on. Yes I'm giving in to the pander by posting on it too, but in a different way. I've seen the video in question. Yes, Mr. Biserta has a rather large, (extra large) penis, but c'mon. Is that all he is really worth? Does he not have a mind behind the dick? Does he not have a social conscious? He's not going to be young forever.

My thoughts on the whole Guys Gone Wild phenomenon is its just a passing phase; extremely overrated. A spinoff of the Girls Gone Wild videos, the exhibitionist videos outlived the hype years ago. There's nothing remotely erotic or enticing about them, unless you you like ogling straight men naked. Most gay guys I know laugh at the suggestion of seeing the videos.

"Please, I'm not hard up," my friend Leoban responded when asked if he viewed any of the GGW series.

"Bitch, they'd be asking me to do that shit if they knew what was good." was Napoleon's answer. "Men come to my door beggin' for a taste. I'm not wastin' time on moronic shit like dat."

"OK, Naps, I got that, but have you ever watched the tapes? We all know how you love your gay porn!" further querying.

"And when was the last time you got laid, bitch? Are you trying to tell me something????" He replied sarcastically.

Asshole! But no, he's never seen and is quite emphatic he never would need to watch GGW. Napoleon and Leoban are just a small sample. If I did a survey, I'm sure more fags (I say that lovingly) would concur with their opinion.

OK, I'll admit it, I've seen them, but I downloaded them free off the 'Net. I'd have to turn in my card carrying homo status if I actually paid to watch such drivel! Guys Gone Wild gets boring and repetitive quickly. Some dumb, drunk, white boys (there are few to no men of color participant) gets drunk, bares his ass or flashes his dick. Yadda, yadda, yadda. It gets old. It isn't sexy, just sophomoric. The small consensus would be GGW is just played out for out gay men.

Perhaps the whole spiel is meant to cater to younger closeted gay men who borrow them from their college aged sisters. Do women even watch the Guys Gone Wild videos???

Probably college women looking for a good laugh. I can't think of anyone older who has seen the GGW videos, male or female versions.

Actually, I do know of one guy who has seen Girls Gone Wild, a coworker of mine. But he's the exception because he's a late 40-something, near 50, creepy, perverted guy who's hot for girls like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. OK!?!? There ya go. My point has been served. LOL.

Regarding the Girls' counterparts, well, I'm glad they made the videos only because Guys need to be viewed, abused, and treated like meat too. Women have been the victims of misogyny for too long. What's the opposite of misogyny? I dunno, but straight men deserve their chance to be bimbos, "himbos," too.

So shake yo' thang Mike Biserta. Flash it good! Just be sure in the end though, it's worth all the hype, and you actually know how to use that penis God blessed you with, properly. A dick is a terrible thing to waste.

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