Friday, August 31, 2007

It Has Been 10 Years

Thinking of 1997, 10 years ago, one can't help but remember it as a year of great transitions. I personally remember it as a year of death, both in my own personal life, and in the celebrity circles. My father had died in April of cancer, a friend died in an auto accident in June, and my grandfather died from diabetes complications, also in June. Screwball Andrew Cunanan was going around murdering other gay men, most notably Gianni Versace at his home in Miami. It seems the spring and summer of 1997 were filled with death.

Mother Theresa died. And then of course there was Princess Diana...

It's hard to believe ten years can go by so fast. It seems like yesterday. I remember all the details that Labor Day Weekend when she died. I was online and a friend had instant messaged me to turn on the TV because Diana had been in an accident in Paris. It was surreal watching as history unfolded and the days to follow afterwards with the Monarchy and their response to her death.

Ironically, probably more on a subconscious level, my friend Heedra and I were watching "The Queen" on On-Demand this past Wednesday. Helen Mirren did an excellent portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. She actually breathed some life into Elizabeth Regina and gave her depth and complexity instead the usual perceived stodginess. If you're into good movies, I'd recommend seeing the Queen. As a common, American citizen, I often forget all the pomp and circumstance and protocol given to some Royal Heads of State. It makes me glad we Americans don't have a Royal Government, although, with "W" in office, one has to wonder...more like King of the morons.

The Queen gives a glimpse into the British Monarchy and gives their perspective of how events unfolded after Diana's death. A scene in particular with Elizabeth in the wilds of her Balmoral Estate in Scotland, stuck in a river, gives more depth and humanity to the British Monarch than any other movie I've witnessed. The movie is not fast moving and if your not an Anglophile, I'd advise skipping it.

I wonder what would have happened to Diana if she had lived? She definitely was a trailblazer, escaping the Establishment, and created a better life for herself. The impact Diana left on the world, though, was significant. She was a defender of so many causes and passions. Yeah, I respected her, but I don't worship her like some of my other gay brethren. LOL.

I remember the impassioned plea from Earl Spencer during Diana's funeral to allow the young Princes to grow up normally, away from the glittering cameras of the paparazzi. He suggested this would have been Diana's final wish. The press respected this and left her children alone until the became adults. Her sons grew up relatively normal, well, as normal for anyone born into Royalty, with Harry having a moment or two lapses of stupidity. Anyone remember him dressing as a Nazi for Halloween party? Definitely a lapse in judgment. Overall, both William and Harry have lived normal and fulfilled their rolls as Royals. Hell, Prince Harry was evening willing to serve in Iraq will his Army Unit. I respect him for that.

Diana is missed though, probably most by her two sons. We'll never know the extent of impact Diana's death left on Princes William and Harry. Like any young person who looses a parent early in life, it's takes years to make peace with the untimely event. Harry and William showed strength and courage at a recent tribute to their mother. It must have been difficult having to share their personal pain with the world. Yet, the two have matured into great young men.

If (because I think the Monarchy is on its last legs as an institution) William ever becomes King, he will do the good for the British Monarchy.

I miss my own family that died in '97. Loss is hard to deal with, especially when its tragic. Whether cancer, diabetes, a car accident, fatal shooting, what have you, life lost is always a loss. Take a moment this weekend and remember someone you've lost over the years. It doesn't have to be a sad moment, could be peaceful, joyous, or jubilant, but honor their memory and existence and the impact their life had on yours. Your day will be all the richer....

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