Friday, August 10, 2007

Fear Is The Only Thing To Fear

Doubts and fear have a way with impeding growth and thus limiting strength. I'm ashamed to admit I've allowed myself to become complacent in life and not move forward. It's all because of fear. Why am I afraid? That's the question of the hour. Life cannot harm me if I don't allow the fears to overwhelm me. Roosevelt's infamous quote about fearing fear rings evident. Fear is the only thing to be mindful. One cannot allow it to place limitation and hinder true desire. Fear will deny the self. Fear is often less than when issues are confronted dead on, and we've created a whole lot of something, from needless worry.

This summer, perhaps even this entire year, has taught me more than a few lessons. The reason for my being is here. Finding my sense of purpose, a drive to move beyond is here. Without motivation, life because pedestrian and mundane. Earlier in the week, Napoleon and his mom stopped by to check on me. Naps is in a situation himself and is attempting to advance to the next level. I was telling Naps he needs to find his passion. He's struggling within to become a happier individual and feels lost. I imparted wisdom that once he understands himself, understands his true yearning, then he will be able to improve his condition.

Yet, when I observe others in my world, witness their own apparent happiness, I find myself left wanting and envious. It's time to be whole emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I guess I should follow my own advice? The question needs no response, I know the answer. Simply reviewing my own emotions on my current state of being is proof enough it's time to "grow up." Life has something wonderful out there waiting for me. My own existence has meaning, has value. Letting go of fear is required to improve my satisfaction.

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