Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The So-Called "Obligatory" Boob Post

J'adore l'Internet! I love the Internet. Given any amount of searching time, you'll definitely find anything and everything you're looking for. Recently I stumbled onto another blog with all these amazing pictures of accidental nudity. Oh I'm sure to get a lecture or two for this post, but I couldn't resist!

By now everyone has seen every imaginable nude post of male celebrity nudity, whether it be Shemar Moore to Pete Wentz to Jude Law to Brad Pitt to Antonio Banderas to whoever. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. I get it by now. Some of those guys needed to air themselves out a bit. Believe I really thought about posting the Shemar Moore pictures long and hard before deciding against it. There were posted everywhere. What's funny is Shemar denying he might be gay. Oh sure he has man written all over him, but I can't help but remember back in his modeling days for International Male catalogs the suggestive, homoerotic poses. I've been able to know the length and width to Shemar even before I saw his papi chulo on Perez Hilton's blog. Anyone who's ever perused the pages of an IM catalog knows it leaves little to the imagination, although they're not as bad as 2xist, N2W, and other male underwear catalogs catered to bi/gay men and straight women.

OK, so we all know about Brittany and Paris flashing their beavers all over the place, but on this blog I was able to find some other famous women caught exposed. Lest anyone call into question my attraction to women still, here is some proof I still have male hormones coursing through my body (someone recently made a rude remark gay-bisexual men are not real men at all. What an asshole)! Of course its been said all men, gay, straight, or otherwise, have a fascination with women's breasts. Tru dat. Tru dat....

Sienna Miller, most known for her ex-beau Jude Law and currently starring in the movie Stardust, is shown here topless at a beach. Claire Danes, also currently in Stardust and the late great television show, "My So-Called Life," is seen at showing some skin at the MTV Canada Awards awhile back. Claire Danes and Sienna Miller are OK, just are a little too plain Jane for my tastes, but Hell, you can be amused.

I'm not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan (is low-en or low-HAWN?). I mean, WTF, what is wrong with the girl these days. I think she has become the modern day Robert Downey, Jr. She's been in and out of rehab, arrested, still continues to party like there's no tomorrow. I'm not casting judgment,m if anything I truly feel sorry for the girl. She had a promising career. She is on her way to nowhere-ville on the fast track. Poor thing.

Jessica Simpson is another woman I'm not fairly fond of. The best part of Jessica Simpson was her marriage to Nick Lachey. I've always hated her singing and her acting is even worse. I think her fifteen minutes are a little overdue, but she seems to sneak in under the wire every so often, like the flu, to remind us she's still around. Ugh! Retch! Vomit! Spew! Hurl! Still though....

So this post is not all that about hormones after all, huh? Hmmm. OK. Lets throw in New York. New York from I Love New York and Flava Of Love, obviously got a boob job recently. While she isn't drop dead gorgeous either, I think she's prettier than any of the women I've posted so far.

I tried in vain to find some good Halle Berry pictures to no avail. I could dig up some Lynn Whitfield pictures from when she portrayed Josephine Baker in the topless banana skirt, but I wanted some women with contemporary appeal to post. Lynn Whitfield is beautiful, there's no doubt about it, but what has she starred in lately?

This unknown vision of ebony beauty is by far the most attractive of the lot. She isn't famous, just adorable. (I can hear Lady Miss T now, "Oh My God! What A Bimbo!) Heh, heh, heh. Well this post is something for my straight male friends and lesbian friends who read the blog regularly. My female friends have all enjoyed my posts of men, even if they've disagreed with my tastes. Just the same, the Axe is going to undergo a change in direction and I'll probably stop posting any frontal nudity, male or female, soon. Right now my blog is NSFW (not safe for work) and I know a few of my friends sneak glimpses while at work. I wouldn't want to get anybody in trouble would I???

Don't worry ladies and SGL guys. The homo in me can only do without looking at the male form for so long. I'll back with the fellas soon enough.

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