Thursday, August 9, 2007

Self Motivational Pep Talk

I'm not having a wonderful day. Since I've been off sick for the past few days and cooped up in the house most of time, feelings are starting to creep up along the edges and old insecurities are breaking though the surface like sharks and the hunt for seals. Often when I'm sick, instead of resting, I spend time on the Internet or preoccupied with other things. I can only sleep for so long before I get rambunctious.

Back when I was younger, in my early 20s, with all the future ahead of me and the world at my finger tips, I always thought there'd be enough time to accomplish all of my dreams. Years have uncomfortably flown by and the inappropriate choices have been made, opportunities missed. What happened? I wonder what I was thinking? Perhaps fear instilled limitations and my growth was maligned. Whatever the circumstance, I'd like to move forward. I'm tired of standing on the sidelines, tired of simply being a spectator.

My preconceived notions about the stages of life and accomplishments that needed to be reached by such and such date need to be disregard. No longer do I have to wait to achieve a goal by a certain status or by any particular age.

People more than any other time in American history are redefining their lives and setting accomplishments for later in life.

I should be no different. Why place restriction upon myself when the rest of society isn't. Just because I'm older doesn't mean the journey has reached it's final destination....

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