Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey! Wassup?

You'll pardon my brief absence from blogging, please. Yours truly has been caught up and otherwise detained most of January. And here I thought the new year would usher in changes, yet it seems like old habits (and situations) indeed die hard. No worries. I'm regrouping.

So. 2012. Are you feelin' it yet? I'm still encouraged by what the year has to offer. I'm already plotting my next big adventure and as a suggestion from Wonder Man, Hawaii seems like the destination! My only fear is that's a long as plane ride. But if I can board and fly to LA, whats another few hours to Paradise, eh?

As far as my progress with my weight loss. I've successfully lost 25 lbs since starting, but it hasn't been easy. My next step is joining a gym later this month, but I will admit much trepidation due to irrational fears & insecurities. However, the good thing is I have a buddy system and three of my fellows have dedicated themselves to going with me. OK, good deal. So no mo' excuses, right Ian? Well now there's always room for procrastination! LOL

Kidding, but much like Jean Grey and the Phoenix, I'm taking time to come back and recreate myself as many times as it takes until I get what I want...

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Roger Poladopoulos said...

Welcome back and congratulations on the progress!


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