Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Lies Beneath

In no way do I consider myself the supreme aficionado of men's undergarments (or in the usual parlance, 'draws' LOL) but I do know what typically looks good. Just when I thought no one could make tighty whities look semi-sexy, I found this photo. Does he makes 'em work? Um, possssssibly? I think it's just the guy!

I'm not completely sold. I prefer my men in boxer's or boxer briefs. TW's are usually ugly and never seem to look like they fit right. Too baggy in all the wrong places, too wide lookin', and ever so unappealing... Maybe it's just me.

I'll keep searching for that perfect model that shows me otherwise...



Ricky 100%passivo Adoro Negão said...

amo homens cacetudos viu,meu msn é

Roger Poladopoulos said...

I'm no authority but he does fill those tighty-whiteys out quite...generously! :)

Pharaoh said...

LOL yeah TW are a hard sell....but some can pull them off very easily! (yeah I meant what I said, and how I said it!) he looks good.


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