Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making The Most Out Of It

OK, so today is the last day of my 30s. Really. The last day. The absolute last day. Now it isn't like the world is gonna change on a dime in at the stroke of midnight. Far from it. The big celebration will continue and when the day comes to an end, it will be like any other day. Whoopee Ding. LOL.

Wish I had some inspiring words or messages to say. Something profound to say that I learned about myself in my 30s that I take into my 40s having learned better about myself. Instead I enter the next decade of my life knowing a few more insecurities, taking on more debts, worries, challenges, heartaches, and challenges than I did when I enter. Yet, the greatest thing above all else is I'm here. I've taken another breathe. Laid eyes on the sun one more day. I may not have all the things that I want, have all the things that my heart wishes, but I truly have all the things I need.

God never promised to give us all that we wanted. He never said that life would be remotely fair or easy. Nope, not one damn second. It's funny. I've been giving much thought that even though life has had its hardships for me and I have been in deep loneliness and pain, I still have absolutely everything I need. EVERYTHING. There isn't none thing I couldn't account for that I don't have at this moment. Really. Sure I wish shit was different. I won't go through the laundry list of what's broke in my world, but I know one thing, I have me and that is all that counts. Yep.

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Anonymous said...

I really would like to say that is was an honor stumbling onto your blog. I'm a Christian also and I was touched how you used the verse from Jeremiah 1:5. You mentioned about things being broken in your world. I sure hope God will restore those things...and yes, He always provides. On another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...because where I am, it is officially March 1st at this moment in time!

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