Sunday, February 28, 2010

Los Angeles, thus far....

LA has been a blast so far. Some glitches here and there, some tense moments, but over all has been fun. I might go in depth over on [MALE] about what's been going on here in Cali, but I'm trying best not to get on Pharaoh's nerves too much. Brother is a lot more quiet than I anticipated, not necessarily reserved, just quiet. Tazzy is as loud and fabulously ferocious as I suspected my baby brother was gonna be.

Umm. I got got too drunk last night in WeHo. I don't care. I wanted to. Figured my last acts of my thirties will be how my thirties began, irreverent and foolish. Once I hit the forties, I can crawl up into that ball of reservedness event further. Hm. There is a thought or two I would like to express, but best to leave it off for now. Catch a post that Maurice wrong on [MALE] about being gay, black, and fat. It was quite stirring. Yes. No such thang as coincidence.

K. Papa Red Bear needs to go back in the other room and join the crew. There' all in there watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Tootles!

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