Friday, February 19, 2010

Stupidity & Silliness

Haven't done a blog post in a few days. Been busy. I need to get caught up on all the blogs before I head out to the West Coast. Tomorrow. That is my goal. This week has been busy with work and I'm just worn out. Only reason I'm up now is I just got off the phone with Crazy Sexy Cool, henceforth to be known as Sugar Bear (he hates that!) LOL. I think I pissed bruh off a bit because I'm tired and a bit silly. got a lil too flirtatious tonight towards the end of our convo. It wasn't intentional. Don't often cross that line with him anymore because I recognize I have the sex appeal of a turnip, but hey, can't blame a man for trying right? Shoot. He'll get over it, if not, I'm sure he'll find a way to even the scales (pun intended) with me soon enough.

Oh baby dolls, did I tell you no longer resemble a troll doll? Well, I still might like like the troll aspect, but I cut off my damn 'fro finally. Plan on keeping it long for the duration. Most of the grey hair got cut out, not that I minded it, but everyone keeps telling me I look years younger. K. Guess Papa Red Bear can learn. Catch my post over on [MALE] later this weekend about the experience. As I said, I'm behind on four posts so after I get off work tomorrow I'll be typing out post after post after post....

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