Monday, March 1, 2010

To My Two LA Brothers

Despite having misplaced my glasses, last night the gang and I saw Fantasia is the Color Purple. Kt was a truly awesome performance and I was thoroughly entertained. I must thank Pharaoh for his efforts for making my birthday a memorable occasion and he has gone above and beyond his way to do so. Sure there's been a few rough spots here and there (Tazzt and I tend to bicker A LOT) but overall I'm enjoying myself and opening myself up to wonderful new experiences.

I suppose what's the biggest and most difficult situatioin is coming out oif my shell and relaxing; letting my guard down enough so thay I don't feel intimidated. What inspires me the most witnesses Pharaoh, TazzN and the children at play is the great comfort the take witheach other. The love, openness, and depth in their dealings with one another. The one thing Ui will take awayfrom my visit is I still have much learning to do before I settle down into the kife that Iwant for myself. Hopefully. Someday, it'll just be. But on the eve of my 40th I would like give a heartfelt and loving thanks to two brothers for putting up with me so far. I know I'm not the easiest person to understand or deal with. How I operate often defies explanation eveb to me. As it stands, God didn't see fit to bless me with biological brothers, but He did give me Pharaoh and Tazzy later in life who took up the mantle and have earned that special place in my heart. Like Corey, my BBC, I appreciate those two for the laughs, discussionsn debatesn disagreesn and the love we've shared. To you both, I say thanks for making me for blessed for my birthday vacation.

Love ya guysb


Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

I wrote this when I was slightly inebriated and in the bathroom after coming back from the cast party from the Color Purple, so errors.

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeeeeeee pagafantas!!


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