Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So This Is Christmas?

To borrow from a  dear friend, this is gonna be a letter to "self."

Dear Self,

So this is Christmas? Well not yet, but you know the whole of December is all about Christmas, right? Yeah. A time for peace on Earth and good will to men... Um, methinks a few people missed the memo.

Three people dead at an Oregon shopping mall by a disgruntled young person. Hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria killed. North Korea testing long range missiles. Nurses killing themselves over pranks gone wrong. Yeah, the memo must have gotten misplaced.

Self, you know how you enjoy the Holiday season. Gift giving, seasonal treats, fried turkey and lobster tails, tree trimming and friends & family alike...these are the usual Holiday rewards. But for a moment, just one, let's give pause and reflection to others in pain around the country and world. Think for once not of "how things are," but " how things should and could be."

Yes, this is Christmas. This the best time of year, or so they say. A time where one believes in miracles. Yet my spirit is restless with so much discontent. I mean, the world is a violence and disorganized place, but you hope, TRUST, that if not for one day people set aside their differences and fall in line with the Seasonal spirit.

But not everyone is Christian you say? Well, yes. You're right. But every faith and denomination has in reserve a Holy period where we rise above adversity, fall in the spirit we are a race of humans and not individual tribes, sects, and what have you. I'll go with that.

Self, I'm troubled this year by the news. Stories that make me weep, worry about society. And yes I worry about people abroad too. The soldiers overseas protecting our freedoms. The people in nations divided, hoping not for a shiny new toy, but to be able to have the basic necessities, food, water, shelter. For those who live in fear their homes and neighborhoods may fall capture or be bombed or looted.

Life, even on Christmas, doesn't stop. Remember not everyone is as fortunate as you! I'm reminded of how truly fortunate I am to live in a country where I'm afforded the luxury to grumble in long lines at Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Nordstrom just to purchase overprice holiday gifts.! Self, be grateful and be thankful that you're truly blessed. Pray for those who are not. God give them hope and the courage to endure. Faith is the gift of promise someday fulfilled.

Pray and give love and thanks. Remember and cherish. Praise and bless. These are the best gifts you can give this Holiday season.

Yes self, this is Christmas. What will you to do to bring the message to others?

In Love & Peace,

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