Monday, December 3, 2012

When Did All This Happen?!?!?

I must be getting old. Well, indeed I am, but it's funny how time passes and you're slightly aware of the fact and NOT at the same time. I mean, when the heck did Joseph Gordon Levitt get elevated to hottie status?!?!?! LOL.

Oh, I'm not quite sure he's my type or not. Cute, yes. But I like a think man. Still... Last time I checked, JGL was on a lil show called Third Rock From The Sun and still had his longish locks. Yes, I've seen his movies... Latter Days, Mysterious Skin, Brick, Miracle At St. Anna, Inception...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm too flabbergasted on how quickly the time has moved forward. Alas, I'll concede I'm getting older, but so too is cute Joseph!

That said, I suppose I'll add him to my list for Santa this year.

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