Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Wheat From The Tare

So in lieu of deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts I've decided this, I'm gonna create new ones. These will be filled with people I know, love, and trust implicitly.

No more Judases or wolves in sheep clothing in my life. The old saying is keep your friends close but your enemies closer, right? Well, right now I need to keep the friends closer than that.

Now the only problem is sifting the wheat from the tare.


Wonder Man said...

What happened?

Rodrigo said...

Oh, Wow. Look at it this way, be thankful for you judas(es) they are just stepping stones to wear God wants to take you, sometimes we have to have someone betray us, they help us more than we realize. Just temporary setbacks for permant blessings.
I love reading your twitter updates! Have you got the aircondition fixed yet? In any event I hope to be following you on your new twitter account, if allowed and I hope to be your facebook friend as well. Don't know how to find you but my badge is on my blog page. Keep Holding On

ToddyEnglish said...

Why didn't you delete the people from your accounts that you did not want following you? That would have been easier then starting over from scratch, no?

Solomon said...

Rodrigo is right on when he says "The Judases make us stronger." I know this from personal experience. I found out that almost all my "Friends" were Judases, and I had to let them all go. But in doing that I found out who was really there for me.

Now I have Him in my life and I've never felt better.

It will get better, I gurantee it brother.

thegayte-keeper said...


Jimmy said...

You know I don't twitter, but I hope to stay in touch with you on FB. Hope things are better for you today.


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