Saturday, August 29, 2009

How Do You "Do It?"

It astonishes me, really, how reserved I can be sometimes. Or at least, I should say, how much I pretend to be "hip" with things folks do, that is certainly not in my nature. Hmm. Bear with me as I ramble. It's the wee hours of the morning and I got woken up, still sleepy.

I dunno. Phone sex, camming, all those things I normal would keep private, seem to be prevalent with folks these days. I guess I'm too old school, too modest, but I prefer to have my encounters up close and personal, not on the phone. To me it just makes me more in the "amorous mood" and without you here, and I have is myself (quite boring)!

Corey shared with me a lil tip the other week to remember these folks are not my peers, don't think of them as such, but I must admit I stand mystified and in awe. Shocked, yet titillated be the freedom of expression people have. I doubt you will ever be seeing Ian in the all-together on the 'Net (Lord, let's hope not). I do appreciate those who do however. I just wonder how do you get the balls to put yourself out for public display?

Perhaps, I'm too hung up on shit. Then again, I'm almost 40 and we all know I have my issues...


iDELLA*BELLE! said...

I dont really see it as freedom of expression, I see it most times as an attempt to jump on the bandwagon for most.

Its like a loss of class for most of them because they just do things like that to be cool and everyone is so hyper sexual today, they have loss the sense of mystery and exclusiveness that used to come with encounters. The mystery and the hiding of the goods and only showing enough to keep you following was what made it worthwhile.

People under estimate the power of curiosity. It will kill and intrigue a human as it did the cat. I mean im 20 years old myself but I am not amused by all the nude photos n phone sex and webcaming.

I think its ridiculous if youre not a porn star or you and your significant other are not doing it for intimate purposes or you are some type of high fashion model.

thats just how I am of course.


Anonymous said...

I agree with idella's comment. The internet has just helped this generation feed it's imma star mentality. Everyone goes to the extreme just to seem important, when if they really looked inside they would realize how special they really are

ToddyEnglish said...

Admittedly, every once in awhile, I do enjoy a good phone bone. (lol). But that is the extent of my exhibitionism. The camming, sexting, and etc al...I NEVER understood. Moreover, I think in future tense. What if I decided to run for president of the united states and someone has naked pics of me on their video phone? Hell no. I've never even let a boyfriend take pictures of me naked.
There is just some stuff, I feel, that is completely off limits.


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