Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes! I'm Wearing Area 51

On my last trip to Angel City, as it always seems, I also managed to be in Vegas. On the way back from our sojourn, Mom and Pops Royal called Pharaoh and requested a favor requiring us to make a stop in Baker, California.

Ah, Baker. Now what words come to mind besides small? Um...Tourist Trap. Desolate? Um, God-forsaken maybe??? The scariest part of the drive from LA to Vegas is that stretch of nothingness in the dessert. No lights. Just Road. And perhaps the aliens being held at Area 51 (rumored to be in the vicinity).

So back while Pharaoh is his handling business, I had a chance to peruse one of the gift shoppe and spotted a T-shirt advertising that Area 51 is the Secret Suburb Of Las Vegas. It's for the Vacation you'll never forget (scratch that) REMEMBER! Chuckling, I picked one up for myself, checked out, and we were back on the road to LA. Now fast forward when I hit home a few days later. Stupid Ian realizes he purchased a size too small. Grrr. Oh well.

Happily, I'm glad to report I slipped on that T-shirt this week and the bad boy was loooooose. To quote Shangela, "Halleloo!" I must be doing something right with this weight loss thang. I still have a long way to go, but I'll take a victory where I can.

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